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Hangzhou TOBESTAR Import and Export Co., Ltd, an ISO9001 accredited company, has successfully established itself as one of the leading organizations serving the hand tool and hardware market in China. With over 10 years of experience in the industry, our products have been distributed all over the world, mostly to the US, South America, Europe and Southeast Asia. We sincerely hope to establish a pleasant and mutual benefit cooperation with you.

Always aware of our valued customers’ quality demand, TOBESTAR is committed to exercise the maximum possible diligence and permanent controls and checks at all levels in order to ensure the highest level of quality. However, if any of our products show a lack of quality due to material failure or manufacturing fault, we guarantee free replacement at the earliest possible date.

TOBESTAR is constantly developing new ways to tackle traditional hand tool problems, improving both ergonomic and practical designs, investing in research, tooling, assembly and presentation.

Numerous merchandising solutions are available: from palletized retail display to specific kits. TOBESTAR is always coming up with new solutions and innovative ways to present goods in a retail environment, and great attention has been paid to packing details of our products: Printing quality, labeling, boxing construction, etc.

With over of 10000 ©O warehouse space, short lead time is ensured, and big order process ability is guaranteed as well. Moreover, sophisticated layout and equipment provides sufficient capacity for future challenges and growth.

This website is only part of our vast range of tools, we are increasing our range every day for all major users: Automotive repair, mechanics, engineers, carpenters, plumbers, electricians, contractors, and homer users. TOBESTAR strives to leave no stone unturned in offering the most complete range of hand tools. If there is anything you have not found in this website, please feel free to contact us for any specific requirement.

TOBESTAR—Competence and service at its best!


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